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had me blind.

I went to see a fortune teller once.
& yes, it did seem like a fairly desperate thing to do,
but there was something out of kilter in my life
like an unfinished sentence
just hanging there, expectant.

She handed down my own mind’s secret -
 - you have to say goodbye to someone,
you have to let them go
she said, - someone from your past & you’ll know who.
and I did.

Two years had flown since I saw you last,
when in you walked, all smiles, as if on cue
a couple of days later,
my ghost of flesh and blood, before me now.
there were no hard feelings,
but then, there never had been,
only a sadness that this was never meant to be.

And so we spoke our fond farewells
and you went your way & I went mine
& this time I waved goodbye forever
and in my heart I wished you well
and felt at peace.